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For ALSTER - Cover there are two sheets of the bulky paper ALSTER laminated against each other. Soft-cover books with high-grade inner pages can be produced with a cover, which has the same shade and haptic feeling.

ALSTER - TwinCover provides two shades in one card. The highwhite shade makes possible to reproduce brilliant colours on the book cover. Optionally cream or blue white shade for inner pages matches with the cover. ALSTER - Cover and ALSTER - TwinCover are particularly suited for books with high-grade soft cover booklets.

ALSTER - COVER Feinleinen is a white cover material with one-sided embossing in linen optic. Feel and look point out the significance of the printed matter.

 ALSTER - COVER Feinleinen is available in grammages 240 and 280 g/m², FSC certified, unlimited resistant to ageing and 100 wood-free.

By the way GEESE Cover materials can excellently be used for business cards and compliment- cards with different effects.

ALSTER - Cover is 100% wood-free, smoothed, FSC certified and available in shades cream and blue white in grammages 320 g/m². TwinCover is available in the combination of shades highwhite/ blue white and highwhite/ cream.

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