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1,3 - fold g/m² - wood-containing, machine-finished

ivory 90g

FSC-Logo CLAIRBOOK is wood-containing, FSC® certified and climate-neutral.

1,3 - fold g/m² - ivory

wood-containing, machine-finished

Format (cm)Grammage (g/m²)
long grain 90g
65cm x 92cm

printing systems: offset, letterpress and laser-, inkjet-, and digital printing systems

finishings: foil embossing, laminating, spot coating, grooving, folding, stamping, embossing, perforating, flocking.

tips:  We recommend purely oxidative/ penetrative colours for best printing results. Optimally suited are fast drying, rub resistant colours, specially made for uncoated paper. A previous printing test is recommended. Exposure charts are appropriate in pre-press. GCR in pre-press also has a positive effect on drying of the colours. Paper should be kept away from humidity and should be printed with a minimum of fountain solution.

Grammage(g/m²)Bulk(cm³/g)Thickness(µm)Opacity(%)Moisture, absolute(%)Moisture, relative (%)Smoothness(ml/min)
90  1,3  136  91  5,0  35  240

grammage: NF EN ISO 536 NFQ 03 | bulk: NF EN ISO 534 NFQ 03 016 | thickness: NF EN ISO 534 NFQ 03 016 | smoothness: ISO 8791-2 NFQ 03 049 | absolute moisture: NF EN ISO 20287 NFQ 03 003 | relative moisture: Sabre | ageing-resistance: CL 24-85  DIN 6738

whiteness(NF ISO 11475 ):
white: 122 CIE
cream: 126 CIE

Frank Leder

Produktbroschüre Frank Leder

Papier: CLAIRBOOK 130
Kunde: Frank Leder
Gestaltung: Vladimir Llovet Casademont
Druck: Druckerei Rüss / Berlin

Frank Leder suchte zum Start seiner ersten Männerkosmetikreihe nach einem unverwechselbaren Papier.
Seine Wahl fiel auf CLAIRBOOK , das mit seiner rauen Oberfläche und der leicht gelblichen Färbung die Produktaussage bestens unterstützt.

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