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LIBRETTO premium offset paper impresses with a soft and smooth surface. Owing to the cream shade Libretto becomes a reader-friendly paper and with its homogeneous surface this paper can remarkably reproduce pictures. The exquisite printability and a fair price turn Libretto into an all-rounder within the range of cream shaded papers.

Libretto is FSC certified and is available in grammages 80 g/m² and 90 g/m² with 1,25 - fold bulk.

1,25 - fold/m² - cream

cream 80g 90g

1,25 - fold g/m² - cream

Format (cm)Grammage (g/m²)
long grain 80g 90g
64cm x 96cm  
70cm x 100cm

1,25 - fold g/m² - cream

Format (cm)Grammage (g/m²)
short grain 80g 90g
102cm x 72cm

printing systems: offset, letterpress and laser-, inkjet-, and digital printing systems

finishings: foil embossing, laminating, spot coating, grooving, folding, stamping, embossing, perforating, flocking.

tips:  We recommend purely oxidative/ penetrative colours for best printing results. Optimally suited are fast drying, rub resistant colours, specially made for uncoated paper. A previous printing test is recommended. Exposure charts are appropriate in pre-press. GCR in pre-press also has a positive effect on drying of the colours. Paper should be kept away from humidity and should be printed with a minimum of fountain solution.

Grammage (g/m²)Thickness (µm)Opacity(%)Moisture(%)Whiteness(%)Porosity(ml/min)Roughness(ml/min)Sizing agentTearing length(m) lTearing length(m) q
 80  102  87  33  89  15  200 2,5 6500 3500
 90  108  89  33  89  15  200 2,5 6500 3500

grammage: ISO 536 (tolerance +/- 3%) | thickness: DIN EN 20534 | opacity: DIN53146 | moisture: EN 20187 | whiteness: R457-DIN 53145 | porosity: ISO 5636/5 | roughness: Bendtsen ISO8791/2 | sizing agent: f | tearing length: DIN ENISO l, 1924-2 q

Realised projects

Here we show realised projects with papers from GEESE.
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