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As paper lovers we not only help you regarding selection and further processing of paper. But we are also proud of printed objects made of our papers. For best results we would like to recommend service partners who are familiar with our papers.

These below listed partner companies successfully use GEESE papers and provided samples for our category Paper Projects.

We would love to present your projects as well! 

Brilliant printing results on rough surfaces need well prepared printing data. Also for special paper shades printing data adaptation is useful.

With the following lithographers we successfully worked together.

22765 Hamburg: edelweiß publish, Alexander Langenhagen, www.edelweiss-publish.de

82402 Seeshaupt am Starnberger See: Highendmedia, Mario Drechsler, www.highendmedia.de


Best printing results on various surfaces of GEESE natural papers: these printing companies conspicuous for expertise and commitment.


04179 Leipzig, Verlag und Druckerei Gutenberg, www.gvdleipzig.de

14469 Potsdam, Druckerei Rüss, www.druckerei-ruess.de


Offset and Digital:

10179 Berlin, Moritzdruck, www.moritzdruck.de

12103 Berlin, H. Heenemann, www.heenemann-druck.de

59119 Bönen, Druckverlag Kettler, www.druckverlag-kettler.com

64283 Darmstadt. Ph. Reinheimer, www.phr.de

87700 Memmingen, MemmingerMedienCentrum, www.mm-mediencentrum.de

87452 Altusried, Druckerei Kösel, koeselbuch.com


Only Digital printing:

23556 Lübeck, Printmanufaktur, www.printmanufaktur.de

28203 Bremen, medienhaven, medienhaven.de (+ Letterpress)


Environmental friendly printing:

10829 Berlin, Druckhaus Berlin Mitte, www.druckhaus-berlin-mitte.de

38126 Braunschweig, Oeding Print, www.oeding-print.de



20257 Leipzig, Officina Polychroma, www.polychroma.de

45131 Essen, letterjazz, www.letterjazz.com

Many designers recommend high-quality natural papers with their characteristically surfaces to create successful printing objects.

Following listed designers fully recommend our GEESE papers and supply us with samples of projects which make us very proud.

18055 Rostock, Kempka & Scholz, www.kempka-scholz.de

20357 Hamburg, Framelab, www.framelab.de

50823 Köln, Büro Zoo, www.buerozoo.de

50823 Köln, Vierviertel, www.vierviertel.de

60594 Frankfurt, Gardeners, www.gardeners.de


Markus Galla, markusgalla.de

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