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LESSEBO is a natural uncoated design paper, which is unique on the market because of its creative diversity. LESSEBO distinguishes itself due to its one-of-a-kind variety of shades, surfaces and bulks. There is no limit of combinations and that’s why envelopes and content can be produced differently, but with the same material. The closed, uniform and natural surface of LESSEBO smooth provides the perfect mix of comfortable haptic feeling and brilliant reproduction of images.

LESSEBO smooth in grammages from 240 g/m² up is well suited for cover boards.
LESSEBO rough with 1,3 - fold bulk provides a characteristically rough surface. Customers prefer LESSEBO design paper because of the variety of formats, grammages from 80 to 440 g/m² and the four different shades.

LESSEBO smooth: 1,20 - fold bulk, double smoothed, wood-, chlorine- (TCF) and acid-free.
LESSEBO rough: 1,30 - fold bulk, smoothed, wood-, chlorine- (TCF) and acid-free.

For LESSEBO we established the Geese ICC profile to guarantee best printability. 
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