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SALZER TOUCH is brand new at GEESE. It convinces with 1,2- fold bulk and its smooth and haptic surface caress the hands. Because of best print results of all common print systems this paper is a favourite of our customers. The very smooth but still natural surface of SALZER TOUCH offers both a brilliant reproduction of full areas and pictures and the high quality of a natural paper. The grammages range from 100 to 300 g/m² makes it suitable for covers and inner pages.

SALZER TOUCH is 100% wood- free and therefore resistant to age according to ISO 9706 and ANSI-Norm Z 3948.

SALZER TOUCH has 1,2- fold bulk, is double smoothed, wood-, chlorine- and acid- free. Our stock range is fully FSC certified. Third- party delivery can be provided FSC or PEFC certified by demand. Special formats, role widths and natural shade are available from 3t up. For smaller amounts please contact us.

SALZER TOUCH is from the paper merchant SALZER from Austria. A company with a long tradition, whose wood – free printing paper (ALSTER) is used for many best sellers of the last decades.

1,2 fold g/m² - white

smoothed, 100% wood-free, chlorine- and acid-free

white 100g 120g 150g 200g 240g 300g

FSC-Logo SALZER TOUCH is 100% wood-free and non-aging according to DIN ISO 9706 and ANSI-Norm Z 3948, FSC® certified and climate-neutral.

1,2 fold g/m² - white

smoothed, 100% wood-free, chlorine- and acid-free

Format (cm)Grammatur (g/m²)
long grain 100g 120g 150g 200g 240g* 300g
72cm x 102cm

1,2 fold g/m² - white

smoothed, 100% wood-free, chlorine- and acid-free

Format (cm)Grammatur (g/m²)
short grain 100g 120g 150g 200g 240g* 300g
102cm x 72cm

*on request

printing systems: offset, letterpress and laser-, inkjet-, and digital printing systems

finishings: foil embossing, laminating, spot coating, grooving, folding, stamping, embossing, perforating, flocking.

tips:  We recommend purely oxidative/ penetrative colours for best printing results. Optimally suited are fast drying, rub resistant colours, specially made for uncoated paper. A previous printing test is recommended. Exposure charts are appropriate in pre-press. GCR in pre-press also has a positive effect on drying of the colours. Paper should be kept away from humidity and should be printed with a minimum of fountain solution.

Grammage (g/m²)Bulk (cm³/g)Thickness (µm)Opacity (%)Whiteness CIE (%)Whiteness ISO (%)
100 1,2 120 92 128/62 92/81
120 1,2 144 94 128/62 92/81
150 1,2 180 96 128/62 92/81
200 1,2     128/62 92/81
240 1,2     128/62 92/81
300 1,2     128/62 92/81

grammage: ISO 536 (tolerance +/- 3%) | thickness: ISO 534 (tolerance +/- 3%)


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